Auto Claims
Keep a note pad and pen in your glove compartment. It is handy for jotting down notes should an accident occur. Jot down only that with which you feel comfortable.
Concentrate your efforts on obtaining the most important information, which is:
  • Name and contact information of the driver.
  • Name and contact information of the vehicle owner
  • License plate number of the other car
  • All other information is secondary although could be very important.
Do immediately
  • Get help for anyone injured

  • Do not admit fault

  • Do not discuss your policy coverage with any one.
    Your insurance ID card contains all the information needed by the police and or the other party.

  • Contact the police, even if the accident is minor.
    You want the accident to be recorded as accurately as possible, at the scene. Too many stories change an hour or two after the accident. Accurate details can be very important to your claim. Police are trained to gather the needed information and record it in a non bias fashion

  • Jot down the important information.
    While waiting for the police, obtain the name and contact information of the driver, owner of the vehicle, and license number of the other vehicle.

  • Observe the area and the conditions around you.
    Road conditions, weather, and traffic control devices can be important.

  • Witnesses can be very helpful.
    Obtain names and contact information of any witnesses. Encourage them to stay until the police arrive.

  • Note all damages to all vehicles, not just yours and jot it down

  • Give the police all the information you have obtained or observed

  • Retain your notes
    Police reports are generally not available for several days. Your notes can be handy in submitting you initial claim to us.

  • If your vehicle is towed from the scene,
    get the location of where it is being towed. This is extremely helpful for removing your personal items and can speed up repairs to your auto.

  • Report the accident to us as soon as practical, even if information is sketchy. Quite often we can start processing your claim with very little information. You can phone us or use the claim forms we provide here on our website. Do not panic. 24 to 36 hours is an acceptable time in which to notify us. However the sooner you report it to us the quicker we can start the claim process.
    You can report it on line.. Report a Claim?

  • Determine where you want the car fixed.
    Perhaps our Helper Network could help you. Insurance companies may try to steer you to their favorite body shops. You do not have to use them. You are free to use a body shop of your choice. Be sure the shop you choose will make the repairs and guarantee them for the price allowed by the insurance company.

  • Arrange for temporary transportation.
    If the accident was the other party's fault his liability will cover your reasonable transportation expenses for the loss of use of your car. If the accident is your fault, you must rely on your Rental Reimbursement coverage, if you carry it. Perhaps our Helper Network can help you.

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