The value of Insurance

Insurance is a vital part of your famly's security and to the economy in general. Without insurance our society would not be what it is today.

No mortgaages or financing. Can you imagine having to save up 100% of the price of a house. It would take most people an entire lifetime to save up for a modest home. Insurance makes homeownership possible for a young family. The same is true for owning a decent car, boat or a variety of other products we use and crave in our modern lifestyle.

How would this effect business or the ecomony? If the average person could not buy a house or car a whole host of businesses would be effected. The manufacturer would not have a market for his product. Nor would there be distributors or saleman. No need for repair shops, lawn maintenance, contractors, furniture manufacturers and distribution systems etc. The list could go on and on

Insurance also makes it possible for the businesses to manufacture and distribute the products. The risks of borrowing money, guaranteeing their product, protecting their workers, protecting their investment and more are bourne by the insurance companies.

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